D6Partners Programm

Partners Program

Welcome to our partners page, D6 partners program is for DNA testing facilities (labs) that want to get more business. We collaborate with some of the best DNA testing facilities in the world and providing a central hub for clients and labs alike. If you have a specific DNA test that you what to sell we invite you to send us your product information for review.

The Benefits

We use you for all our testing
You get exclusivity
We have a very strong marketing team
You can grow your business internationally
We can adapt our efforts to new products
The bottom line, partnering with us will grow your business.

Note! After we review the information you provide, we will contact you if we see that your company compliments our interests and if it doesn't conflict with current partners. Your submission will be shared with current partners, and will be reviewed with in a weeks time. After that time if approved by all parties we will contact you for details of your companies products and services.

Thank you
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