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About D6™

D6™ is a result of a collaborate effort to bring together some of the best DNA laboratories in the world, and for one common goal, to bring our customers 6 of the most asked DNA tests by people, in to one place., hence the name D6 (6DNA test), those 6 DNA tests Are: Non Invasive DNA test, Paternity Test, Prenatal DNA test, Immigration DNA test, Peace of mind DNA test, Home DNA test Kit.

We invite anyone that is looking for DNA Testing, to contact us for more information about how to get a DNA test. We provide you with free information guide and a 30 min consultation with one of our DNA specialists.
Partners Program
For Corporate Partners, Sample Collection Providers, Lawyers and agencies & DNA testing facilities (labs). See details
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Our customers love us, see live reviews by our clients. We invite you add a comment of your own experience with D6™.
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